The Witcher, the new game is in pre-production, confirms CD Projekt RED

The Polish development team has revealed new information about the game.

After the announcement took place in the past few weeks, CD Projekt RED has shared in these hours some new updates on the new chapter of The Witcherwhich we remember will take on the task of telling a new story by laying its roots in the new graphics engine of Epic Gamesof course we are referring toUnreal Engine 5.

The executive of the Polish development team, Piotr Nielubowiczand the CEO of the company, Adam Kicinskithen became the protagonists of a new video dedicated to shareholders and investors, claiming to have concluded the research phase for pre-production, so as to kick off the real development of the new title in the series with protagonist the monster hunters Witcher.

The new chapter of The Witcher has entered the pre-release phase

The two developers then stated the following:

“I can say that we are very excited to be able to revisit the universe that has built our history up to this point. Also yes, we have recently concluded the research phase on the first game in the new saga of The Witcher, which means that from now on all the expenses related to the processing will be included in the budget document “.

Furthermore CD Projekt RED revealed that research regarding the new chapter of The Witcher started last year, while pre-production is very recent having started in the first quarter of 2022. Furthermore, at the moment the Polish development team has taken over 100 developers for this stage of development.

In the end Piotr Nielubowicz and Adam Kicinski have spent words of praise towards theUnreal Engine 5stating that thanks to its use they are enjoying a whole series of improvements regarding the efficiency of the development of the new chapter of The Witcher.