The Witcher Remake will only be released after The Witcher 4

The Witcher 4 will be officially released before the remake of the first chapter, Adam Kiciński himself reveals it

The Witcher Remakeremake of the first chapter of the beloved trilogy dedicated to the witcher, will be released only and exclusively after the The Witcher 4. This, according to what was declared by the president of CD Project RED will be necessary since, much of the project Orionwill form the basis for the development of the remake of the first chapter dedicated to Geralt, which as has already been announced will be open world.

The Witcher 3

As we can assume from the statements of Kiciński both titles will be open world and will therefore use the same graphics engineUnreal Engine 5 going to definitively abandon the REDengineused for home game development CD Project as far as Cyberpunk 2077. This choice is probably derived from the need to use a more reliable graphics engine than the proprietary one of the Polish software house which has caused so many problems in terms of optimization.

According to the words of Kiciński the development of both titles will be conducted, partially, in parallel so as to reuse all the technologies that are being developed for the Polaris project also on The Witcher Remake which will see the light in several years, since the same project Polaris is out for no earlier than 2025. We also recall that CD Project has delegated the development to another Polish development house, formed by former employees of the Warsaw software house, called Fool’s Theory. Despite Fool’s Theory will certainly be actively supported by the main house, such a decision was certainly necessary, given the huge amount of projects in development in the house CD Project.


Finally, let us recall the appointment set for December 14, 2022 with the release of the update dedicated to The Witcher 3 that will go makeover the look of Geralt updating the graphics sector to keep up with the new generation consoles. You can take a closer look at what’s new by going to the following link