The Witcher Remake will be an open world game, confirms CD Projekt RED

The Polish development team confirms the real nature of this remake.

CD Project RED confirmed that his remake in Unreal Engine 5 from The Witcherthe first chapter of the series released worldwide in the now distant 2007it will be completely open world. Revealed during its third quarter financial results, the Warsaw-based firm briefly hinted at the announcement of this new version of the stock, stating that it will be a “Story driven single player open world RPG“.

The Polish studio had previously only confirmed that it would be another game in the series the Witchersto all effects“, but since the original is not an open world, the community had given way to quite a few speculations about the real nature of this remakefollowing or not following the exact same structure as the version of the 2007 or something closer to third chapter of the named series Wild Hunt.

CD Project RED did not share any further details on the remake from The Witcherreiterating only what was stated in October that “it will be a while before we can share more details“.

Below you will find the statements of CD Projekt RED regarding this remake of The Witcher:

“This game is where it all started for us, for CD Projekt Red. It was the first game we made, and it was a big moment for us. To come back to this place and remake the game for the next generation for players to experience feels just as great, if not bigger.”

The original chapter saw Geralt venturing into the Temerian capital of Vizima, a place visited briefly in the third installment of the series.