The Walking Dead’s Kirkman sues AMC for the third time

It’s no secret that bro Robert Kirkmanauthor of the comic by The Walking Deadand the AMC extension, which produces the inspired series, there is bad blood. Since the time of the agreement, the American cartoonist has already tried twice to obtain compensation from the television broadcaster by looking for holes in the collaboration agreement. Well, it seems the time has come for the third; Kirkman and other manufacturers Gale Anne Hurd, David Halpert, Charles Eglee And Glenn Mazzara they sued AMC for ben 200 million dollars.

The author of The Walking Dead has not been very lucky so far, the previous lawsuits have not been successful. As AMC itself points out, the contract originally entered into between the two parties states that the revenue received from the streaming and broadcasting of the series would not be divided with the plaintiffs; the authors have received their fees and the contract is technically terminated.

Kirkman’s latest lawsuit instead refers to Frank Darabont, former series writer; according to the author of the horror comic, he would receive the same treatment reserved for the screenwriter and therefore an additional fee. AMC, back from the previous two lawsuits, is very positive about the results of this umpteenth issue. Who is right is not for us to say but it is only a matter of time before the law itself determines it.