The Umbrella Academy – Third Season | Tv Series Review

The jumps from timeline to timeline of the protagonists of The Umbrella Academy are not finished yet. Season 3 introduces new dangers, new drama, and also sees the return of some familiar faces.

I admit, even if we are now in the third cycle of episodes, I have a weakness for The Umbrella Academy, but removed a couple of elements that fall into personal tastes, the rest of this strong attraction still I can not express it. This is a show which I see without too many thoughts, which amuses me and even in the least successful moments manages to correct the shot with something totally out of my mind and I like everything to die for.

There is no peace for the brothers of the Umbrella Academyespecially when, after the events of the second season, they ended up in a timeline where they do not exist and in their place there are direct rivals: the Sparrow Academy, always created and led by the mysterious Reginald Hargreeves. It hardly needs to be said, but mutual hatred will spread between the two groups of brothers and sisters and while Umbrella will work to rebuild a new life, here comes a new global threat that not only threatens to sanction the end of the world, but even to all existing timelines.

Unlike the Before and of second season, on this tour it is really difficult to talk about the news of The Umbrella Academy without getting into hateful and dangerous spoilerssince in the usual ten episodes that form the new arc of episodes, the stakes are incredibly richer and more crunchy than the previous iterations.

The further it progresses, the more the show solidifies its incredibly funny, bizarre, irreverent and damn charming soul.

In particular, the addition of the Sparrow Academy will be able to create new glimmers of conflict between the members of Umbrella, even considering that at this point, everyone has lived days, months and years of their life outside the reality in which they were born. The events of Dallas will therefore be much more than a simple chapter in a book full of pages and narrative events, in fact the scars of each are reflected in the pain and crisis of the other brothers.

Once again the protagonists of the scene are Klaus and 5; the first will try to reconstruct a relationship he never had with his father, who, even if from a different timeline, may perhaps reserve some useful advice for everyone. 5 instead is 5, a magnet for everything that is extremely crazy in the world of The Umbrella Academy, between Commission, travel and time leaps and hypothetical theories to stop the umpteenth end of the worldbut this time to steal the show several times is Allison, who of all is carrying the most painful scar of all.

But we also know what everyone would like to know right away: screenwriters like the production, how did Ellen Page, now Elliot Page, handle the case? Well, this change has been inserted and contextualized with an impressive delicacy, bringing it closer to the spectators before and to the protagonists of the show after with a naturalness that goes perfectly with the constant growth of each of the brothers of the Umbrella Academy. No forcing, just an outstretched hand to accept something new, which can be confusing at first, but in a family we help each other, even near the third end of the world which this time seems very difficult to avoid.

The Umbrella Academy confirms all the very good qualities it has accustomed us to so far. In particular this third cycle of episodes presents a better articulated plotcapable of arousing strong interest, supporting mysteries and growing tension. It’s a mature showwhich does not forget its lightness of being, while applying relationships between all that are much more complex, articulated and refined.

the umbrella academy 3 review

Together with Stranger Thingsanother Netflix series that grows exponentially, with a heart-pounding finish, which does not lack the usual moments poised between good feelings and well-received aesthetic madness. And now the hard wait for the fourth season begins …

VOTE 8.5

the umbrella academy 3 reviewGenre: action, superheroes
Publisher: Netflix
Direction: various
Soundtrack: Jeff Russo
Interpreters: Ellen Page, Tom Hopper, David Castaneda, Robert Shehaan, Emmy Raver-Lampman, Aidan Gallagher
Duration: 10 episodes

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