the trailer Enter The Zone refers to the iconic intro of Shadow of Chernobyl!

GSC Game World, during the Xbox Games Showcase Extended, is back to talk about STALKER 2 Heart of Chornobyl, also explaining all the difficulties encountered during the outbreak of the war in Ukraine. Together with these stories, deserving of a separate study, the software House has unveiled the trailer Enter The Zone what else is it a real reference to the introductory movie of Shadow of Chernobyl.

The trailer, lasting about two and a half minutes, focuses on what appears to be the driver of a Death Truck, intent on carrying an unconscious STALKER. The driver is preparing to enter the Alienation Zone, but unfortunately the timing is totally wrong.

During the journey, in fact, runs into what appears to all intents and purposes as an Issue. Anyone who has played the previous chapters – Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat – knows very well that the only way to protect yourself from an emission is by taking refuge in a building. For the truck driver, unfortunately, there were no buildings in the Red Forest (or at least, it seems to be it).


The trailer ends with a sequence that shows something really interesting, something that all fans of the series would have liked to see in real time: the formation of artifacts. We can indeed see artifacts of various kinds sprouting from the ground, in what appears to be a paradise for STALKERS in search of fortune and money. At the end of the film, the STALKER of the truck appears, which seems to have recovered after the accident. Could he be the protagonist?

STALKER 2 Heart of Chornobyl, remember, is expected for 2023 on Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S and PCand will be included since launch on Xbox Game Pass. It will be a truly advanced title, capable of taking full advantage of the Xbox Series X technology, where among other things it will run in 4K.

STALKER 2 will obviously be set in the Chornobyl Alienation Zone, which according to the developers will be bigger than ever, and like its predecessors, this title will also be technically very advanced. The title will in fact boast a technical sector of the highest level, including a high use of photogrammetry and above all the implementation of Ray Tracing in real time. A taste, after all, we can get it right with the trailer in question.

But it doesn’t stop there, Motion Capture will also be used for character movement, always a very welcome feature. Even the AI ​​will undergo a marked improvement, and thanks to the enhanced version of “A-Life”, the NPCs will be able to act regardless of the presence of the player in the areamaking the world more alive than ever.

For example, we will be able to see two different factions fighting each other hundreds of meters apart, with the player who will be able to scrutinize everything from afar. All these features, combined with the technical feat mentioned above, make STALKER 2 an impossible title to run on Xbox One and Xbox One X. And maybe that’s a good thing, considering that the game seems to weigh over 180GB!

Source: YouTube