the title will receive Ray Tracing

Recently NVIDIA unveiled its next generation of graphics cards at its event GeForce Beyond. However, this conference also left room for several surprises that take advantage of the company’s technologies, this includes an unexpected remastering with Ray Tracing of the iconic Portal.

Portal: a big change

As explained in the presentation, this version known as “Portal with RTX”Will act as a DLC that will enhance the textures of the original title through NVIDIA’s Omniverse technology. If you want to enjoy this remastered adventure, you will be happy to know that this one has confirmed its launch for November. We also remind you that this DLC will be completely free for all owners of the title.


Portal with RTX“Will be one of the many games that will incorporate the new version of NVIDIA DLSS 3.0, although this extraordinary DLC will also leverage other company technologies to offer a renewed experience:” Built on NVIDIA RTX Remix and processed with the GeForce RTX 40 range, Portal with RTX reinvents the graphics of the classic game with a completely new artistic sector which however evokes the original “.


Valve’s puzzle game is one of the most emblematic works in the world of video games and this “remastered” has made its fans happy all over the world. In addition to this, the GeForce Beyond event saw the GeForc range of graphics cards as the main protagonistand RTX 40, of which the price, release date and power have been shared.

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