the terrifying game returns with a new gameplay video

Scorn, the gruesome title in development by Ebb Software is reversed to show itself with a new gameplay video lasting over eight minutes. As explained, the video shows the prologue of the game thus giving a taste of the first sections of this terrifying adventure through the twisted bio-labyrinth.

In these first few minutes of gameplay, players get to know the protagonist of the game and the setting in which they will find themselves catapulted. Without any kind of help, the character we will impersonate will begin to wander through the meanders of this twisted world, collecting important objects to proceed in the labyrinth and solving different puzzle sections in which it will be necessary to strive to find a way out.

The latter seem to be one of the main elements of Scorn. In fact, players will have to learn the main rules of the game world in order to better master its puzzles. As you progress through the adventure, you will also be able to collect some strange biomechanical tools apparently used by the civilization that formerly called the world of Scorn home. Collecting these items will allow players to more easily survive the hostile creatures that populate the game map, although that doesn’t mean staying alive will be easy.


The new gameplay shown by Ebb Software confirms the forte again inspiration from the works of the artist HR Giger. This form of body horror is sure to impress all gamers with creepy environments and creatures that are unlikely to be forgotten. From the settings to the weapons, every single element of the game has a biomechanical imprint that will make Scorn a unique title of its kind.

We remind you that Scorn will be released on October 21, 2022. The awaited horror since day one will be available on PC and Xbox Series X | S where it will be playable for free thanks to Xbox Game Pass.

Before saying goodbye we leave you to the new gameplay that you can view below.

Source: Ebb Software