the superhero card game is official

After a pleasant teaser that anticipated the debut of a new game Marvel today, Marvel Snap was officially announced with the teaser trailer that you can admire on the cover of the article.

As had already been anticipated, since it is a project with Ben Brode at the head of the team (which has already had the opportunity to demonstrate their talent with Hearthstone), we are dealing with a real official superhero card game, which should be able to use the company’s multiverse in order to offer a whole new experience on the market.

In the course of the new video there was an opportunity to deepen some of the mechanics that in the future should have the opportunity to characterize the new experience, including for example the presence of various terrains in which players will have to clash and dominate in order to win the game. .

Obviously, a noteworthy artistic sectorwhich among spectacular animations and variants will have the opportunity to distinguish the card game experience in order to elevate it in front of the fierce competition present on all platforms.

Obviously, although for sure everything will be more appreciable for fans of the Marvel world, there will be in any case some situations and classic card game mechanics, with lovers of the genre who will therefore find themselves at home with the experience.

All that remains is to wait for more news from the developers regarding the release date of Marvel Snap and beyond, given that many details are still missing from the appeal regarding the game, which should be revealed over the next few months.

Across the following link it is immediately possible to subscribe to the Closed Beta of the game, thanks to which it will be possible to put your hand on the experience in preview in a few time by being selected.