the series on Wanna Marchi has a new spot, exceptional promoter Roberto “Baffo” Da Crema

We all know that soon, on Netflix, a new series will arrive dedicated to Wanna Marchi, to the daughter Stefania Nobile and to the career of the two women in teleshopping. The exceptional testimonial for the new commercial is Roberto Da Crema, the legendary Mustache. The tele-barker who became famous for his mustache and, above all, for his way of breathing so loud.

Are we limited to this? Absolutely no. The spot is presented as if it were a real teleshopping normal with a lot of superimposed number. The post invites us not to call the phone number but, in the same way, first offers us a link (you can find it at the bottom) to explain what it is.

The one proposed in fact is a further chapter of the Wanna Marchi Experience. By calling the number on the screen, you will be greeted by a recorded voice that will simulate one of Wanna’s own switchboards. During the phone call we will participate in the simulation of a teleshopping which, in pure Marchi / Nobile style, could also contain colorful expressions. Netflix, therefore, does not recommend contacting the number if you are under the age of 14. Similarly, the streaming platform warns that at the end of the phone call there is no gadget or other type of “reward”.


The Telephone Number is a free toll-free number, reachable from a fixed or mobile network. It will be active from 09:00 on 21 September 2022 until 23:59 on 28 September 2022 exclusively for calls from Italy and through Italian telephone operators.

Wanna, the Netflix series premiered this September 21st. There are four episodes broadcast.

Source: NetflixWanna Legal Terms