the rumors spread by The Real Insider “are invented”. He admits it himself

You’ve probably heard the story of The Real Insider by now. But for those who missed it here is a brief summary. Not many weeks ago, a profile called The Real Insider appeared on Twitter. The profile, obviously anonymous, had immediately gained the trust (or at least the attention) of many due to the nature of his tweets, focused on the videogame world. After a couple of good “predictions” on Assassin’s Creed many are starting to follow him. In recent days, the name of Silent Hill has also emerged from his posts. “I’ve seen things with my own eyes” he said. In short, “Trust me bro” at its finest.

Fast forward to the last few hours, It turns out that The Real Insider profile is (was) managed by Dan Allen, a YouTuber. His identity was unearthed due to a very trivial, albeit critical, mistake. He forgot to switch between the official profile and the insider one to answer the questions posed under the latter’s account. Nailed to his responsibilities, Allen decides to completely delete both of his Twitter profiles not before having presented some messages of apology.

Just speaking of excuses, in the past few hours another video has appeared on his YouTube channel. In the video, which you find in full below, Allen admits, among other things, to have invented his predictions on Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid from scratch. “It’s All Bullshit” he says and repeats right within the first minute of the video.


The reason why he made it all up? Simple, attract on his profile the same attention reserved to other – self-styled and supposed – Twitter insiders. “I liked the idea of ​​getting the attention that came from those tweets” still admits in the course of the movie. Silent Hill and Metal Gear Solid are big names. It has been DuskGolem who has brought them back into vogue over the last few weeks.

Close to State of Play and Tokyo Game Show, the insider repeats the names of the two Konami games again only to change version several times when the evidence shows – once again – that it would be better to keep quiet about the two historical sagas for a while. At the TGS, above all, there is anticipation for a much-loved “historical IP” but which will later turn out to be Suikoden (without detracting from a cornerstone of the JRPG like Suikoden, of course). Sure, there are some supposed Silent Hill images circulating, but their actual authenticity is far from verified. In my opinion there is very little true, but this – mind you – is my personal opinion.

On this issue, however, many ears have now perked up. The always comfortable use of the conditional offers a safe side and the absence of important events (at least until the TGAs in December) allows The Real Insider to follow the rumors. “Trust me, I saw with my own eyes”. The formula is very simple: it cannot be confirmed, but not denied that Konami really has in mind a revival of the historical sagas of him. So what? So it is played in the shaded areas. And in case of a mistake? They deny or make excuses, a lot, sooner or later, by dint of shooting the fish in the barrel it will be necessary to catch this fish, right?

To make the situation even more serious It is the awareness that Allen’s admission of guilt came only because he was caught with his hands in the jam. There is more, for his part, the infringement of an NDA signed with Ubisoft for participation in the press event which allowed him to know in advance the details on Assassin’s Creed then spread on the web. Jez Corden wisely advises him to find a good lawyer.

Source: Dan Allen Gamer