The RTX Days are back and will allow you to take home the best video cards!

NVIDIA Italia has announced that the RTX Days are back, special days in which you will be able to buy the best video cards at list price! And the protagonists of the next appointment will be the RTX 4080.

With the 40 Series video cards, NVIDIA has made a real leap in quality and performance. The gap with the previous generation is significant and literally today there is no game on the market that can worry them. We had already shown them to you in action during Lucca Comics 2022, where we held a series of events to show the new Top of the Range at work. If you missed them, you can retrieve them on our Twitch channel.

The first appointment dedicated to Series 40 video cards is already for tomorrow afternoon starting at 15:00, and will involve three different points of sale in Milan and Bergamo. To be precise the partner stores of this first event will be those of AK Informatica, Drako Store and Next. Below you will find all the details on the video cards that will be on sale.


AK Informatics

The first store (in alphabetical order), where you can find the RTX 4080 for sale is that of AK Informatica. Just go tomorrow morning to the opening of the store in Via Giosuè Carducci n.4 in Bergamo. Here the staff will show you live how to assemble a PC and insert your new video card correctlysimilarly to what we had already done at Lucca Comics & Games 2022.

Obviously waiting for you there will also be video cards ready for delivery. You can find the ASUS, MSI, PNY, and INNO3D models starting from 1,479 euros.

Drako Store

The second store where you can go is the Drako Store in Viale Abruzzi n.48 in Milan. Here the staff will show you all the potential of RTX 4080 video cards, as well as offer you the opportunity to purchase the ASUS, MSI and KFA2 models always starting from 1,479 euros.

Next Shop

The third store where you can find RTX 4080 video cards waiting for you will be the Next Shop in Via Procaccini, at the corner with Via Tartaglia in Milan. Here the custom models of ASUS, MSI, Zotac and Gigabyte will be waiting for you.

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