the Rockstar Games western series has sold 70 million copies

It’s been about 12 years since the launch of Red Dead Redemption, heir to that 2004 Red Dead Revolver. Since 2010 we’ve had two games spanning two generations and four consoles (and PCs). Two games that have managed to reach, as a whole, 70 million gamers. To reveal it is Rockstar Games itself with the latest financial report of Take-Two interactive. The complete document is available in the link at the bottom.

The already excellent results we told you about not too long ago are confirmed. Then we told you how Red Dead Redemption 2, alone, had reached over 45 million gamers. A volume of fans that allowed the game to become the ninth best-selling ever. Apparently that already extraordinary milestone has been further surpassed.

According to the slides presented by Rockstar, in fact, RDR and RDR2, together, totaled 70 million copies. The second chapter is now at 46 million copies. This means that a million copies have been sold since the last time. Amazing? A little if you consider that Rockstar Games is slowly reducing – to the point of completely interrupting – support for the online and single player components of RDR2. It is even more surprising to discover that the previous chapter also recorded a similar number. Because? It is dated 2010 and is available on PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360!


Of course, this makes the Open World Western RPG Rockstar Games’ second most profitable brand, behind only Grand Theft Auto. In this regard, the sixth chapter is getting closer and closer. There is still no official information. In recent months, a large leak threatened to “spoil the surprise” for gamers.

Still speaking of RDR2, a gamer is turning it into a novel to tell his mother about it!

Source: Take-Two Interactive