the review of the arcade game for Xbox

Developed by DrimTiGames and published by JanduSoft, Surface Rush is a fun arcade game that will test your skills. The concept is intriguing, the gameplay immediate and the levels are a lot colored. We have braved the abyss on ours Xbox… Are you ready to sink with us? If so, fill up on oxygen and let’s face the review!

Surface Rush: We know the Pumpum

The protagonists of Surface Rush are the Pumpuma species alien spherical, funny And nice. Our aim will be to guide the Pumpum on duty into the depths of the abyss, doing so bounce against the walls and trying to get them to the finish line safe and sound. The ultimate goal? Reach the surface! I anticipate that there are several ways to make poor Pumpum die but we will find out soon. There plot Surface Rush is not memorable and is merely ancillary. The title of DrimTiGames is all about gameplay and it also does so discreetly Well.

Gameplay: Bounces as it passes you

We’ll be honest, Surface Rush looks like a mobile video game in all respects and would be perfect on screen and touch controls (in fact there is also the mobile version and for Nintendo Switch). The main purpose is in fact to target our Pumpum by shooting it (literally) against the walls, doing so bounce from wall to wall to the finish line, or to the death!

Furthermore, we will also be able to intervene during the trajectory, stopping the Pumpum and correcting the trajectory. You can even make it go back! On console this may initially be less practical but after a couple of levels you won’t notice it anymore. The method is the following: you go to the Pumpum, click it and then study the trajectory where to shoot it through a practice arrow manageable via analog.

The purpose of each level has already been said: to make our Pumpum reach the coveted one finish line end of level. To do this, in addition to bouncing off the walls, we will have to avoid the traps and always keep an eye on theoxygen. The Pumpum, in fact, will lose oxygen as it sinks and it will be up to us to look for the quickest route … or alternatively, to locate the oxygen bubbles useful for taking a breath of “air”. In short, the levels are full of possibilities and frustration is never intrusive, quite the contrary. Different speech for the monotony as the game requires you to basically do the same things over and over again.

Surface Rush: the Xbox 2 review

Once again, the Surface Rush seems to us meant for the mobile thanks to a average duration very short levels and therefore perfect for “hit and run” games, perhaps on the go or in one break time. In all we talk about beyond 130 levels which guarantee a respectable longevity, especially if you decide to conquer every star. For each level completed, in fact, you will be evaluated and you can get up to a maximum of three stars. Will you be able to conquer them all? Furthermore, in the level there are also coins, which can be spent in a sort of store and useful to unlock aesthetic elements (from costumes to colors) of your own Pumpum.

To further increase the longevity and put yours to the test even more skillsSurface Rush has as many as four modality: classic, one shot, precision and timer. The modality classical it is the main one with increasing difficulty and all the basic rules of the game (including the possibility of intervening on the path of the Pumpum after shooting.

The “one shot”, As expected, is entirely focused on a single launch, so you will have to study the trajectory immediately, foreseeing the rebounds and trying to get the little alien safe and sound up to the final bubble.

The mode of precisioninstead, it is like the classic but the number of shots / interventions at your disposal is limited. If you run out of shots and the Pumpum doesn’t reach the finish line… you lose. Finally the modality timer. Like the time races of CTR Crash, even here you will have a timer to mark your success. In addition, along the way you will have the opportunity to collect small clocks to recharge time.

Surface Rush: the Xbox 3 review

Graphics and sound

Graphically speaking, Surface Rush does not differ from many competitors (once again, especially mobile), presenting colorful graphics, bright and with shades that recall the abyss – the main location of the entire production. The graphics work well for the type of game and even if it does not stand out for its originality, it is still pleasant and above all functional to the gameplay. Even the sound performs its task in a pleasant, never invasive way and also offering captivating tracks.