the retro gaming revolution

NVIDIA has recently announced the most important innovations of the brand for the coming months and years, the novelties range from the new RTX Series 4000 graphics card models to the DLSS 3.0 technology, but a new modding tool has also been presented that will allow you to automatically remaster the games.

RTX Remix: a great revolution

Well yes, this completely free new feature called RTX Remix (which is integrated into the software NVIDIA Omniverse) adds new features to create DLCs / mods capable of remastering a number of compatible classic games (which have not yet been listed) that work with the DirextX API 8 And 9.

RTX Remix

Thanks to the tools and at the push of a button within the game, creators will be able to capture a scene from the title which they can then take to the RTX Remix tool which will be able to recognize textures, geometry, lighting or even the game camera. The application will use artificial intelligence and apply Ray Tracing and DLSS 3.0 to resize textures, soften them, create materials with greater definition and automatically add ray tracing lighting in real time.

RTX Remix (which will be released in a few weeks for free) will also allow you to export the materials created by modders to other development tools, rendering or graphics engines such as Adobe Substance 3D Painter, Autodesk Maya, 3ds Max, Blender, SideFX Houdini or Unreal Engine.

RTX Remix

The first game that will have a completely new and free DLC that will remaster the title is Portal, Valve’s puzzle game with almost 15 years behind it that will receive in November a new free version in the form of a DLC / mod called Portal RTX created by NVIDIA itself. with the RTX Remix tool.

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