the retro-futurist platformer is postponed to 2023

The war in Ukraine continues to dominate the news with unfortunately negative developments. The same thing happens in the video game industry too, as studios in that country find it extremely difficult to continue developing their titles. The war conflict has already caused the indefinite delay of Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1 in its version for Xbox Oneand it appears that Replaced will suffer a similar fate.

Replaced: a painful postponement

The independent software house Sad Cat Studios responsible for the retro-futuristic platform adventure Replacedrecently announced the postponement of his game. We remind you that the title was scheduled for a generic 2022 on Xbox Game Pass. The studio made the decision to delay the premiere until 2023 due to the impossible working conditions caused by the ravages of war.

Sad Cat Studios has a team of developers from both Belarus and Ukraine. Unfortunately, the ongoing war in Ukraine has had a serious impact on the development of Replaced, this is because most of the equipment resides in the regions close to the ‘hot’ zones ”, explains the software house on Twitter. “The priority of Sad Cat Studios it is the safety of its employees and their families. As a result part of the team was transferred by pausing work on Replaced, but development has recently been resumed ”.


The studio promises to create the best possible version of Replaced while ensuring the physical and mental health of its employees. As you can see this conflict continues to affect software houses, Sad Cat Studios joins GSC Game World (the authors of STALKER 2) And Frogwares (the creators of the aforementioned Sherlock Holmes: Chapter 1) in this videogame “resistance”.

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