The Quarry: Supermassive presents an overview of the gameplay

Supermassive Games And 2K have recently released an overview of the gameplay of The Quarrythe studio’s next horror title to be released on June 10 up PC and console. Presented by the Game Director Will Byles, the video shows us how this title follows in the horror tradition of Supermassive, offering us a horror adventure with a cinematic cut in which we will be called to make choices from time to time. These, of course, will go to heavily affect the development of the plot, even decreeing which of the young protagonists will be able to escape from the nightmare in which they ended up. As long as someone can do it …

The Quarry will put us in rotation in the shoes of the nine protagonists, and there will be segments where it will be possible to explore the surroundings of the summer camp in search of collectibles and clues that allow us to discover more details about what is happening. As per the tradition of Supermassive, there will also be cooperative modes, as well as the possibility of enjoying the game as if it were a real horror movie, that is, by previously choosing the outcome we want or the character traits we want to assign to each character. If by any chance you intend to play The Quarry on PC, be sure to check out his hardware requirements.

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