The Quarry: online multiplayer postponed

The new narrative adventure of Supermassive Games, The Quarrynow close to release, includes among its features also an online multiplayer mode, which will allow players to experience the adventure together with their friends (as also happened with the recent titles of the studio).

The announcement came from the publisher’s official Twitter account 2Kwho shared a message from the game director, Will Byles. In his words, however, in addition to the news of the delay and the date on which the feature will be released via an update, he reassured that all the other contents provided by The Quarry will be available from the launch of the game.

Above we propose the official post with the announcement of the postponement of the online multiplayer mode of The Quarry, while below you can find the translation of the words of Will Byles.

The wait is almost over, and my team and I are thrilled that you will soon be getting our hands on The Quarry in just over two weeks! The game will launch on June 10 as scheduled, with single player campaign mode flanked by Movie Mode and local multiplayer to be played side by side.

However, we made the difficult decision to postpone online multiplayer mode to bring players the best possible experience. Don’t worry though, because it’s not a long wait, because online multiplayer will be added via an update to download for free on July 8th.

We thank you for your understanding, and we hope you are as excited as we are for the launch of the game which will arrive in just 15 days!

The Quarry is an interactive adventure, which in the style of Supermassive Games (the same studio behind the acclaimed Until Dawnbut also to the series of mini-adventures of the Dark Pictures Anthology) will make us impersonate a group of people in a dark horror story to be discovered, where every choice counts.