The Quarry already at three-quarters of the price on Instant Gaming

The Quarry is the horror novelty of the month, and bears the trademark of Supermassive Gamesthe same software house that has been delighting us with the series for about three years The Dark Pictures Anthologyattributable to the same genre as the title.

Even though it’s only been four days since the release of The Quarrythe version Steam is already in offerwith a a drop of thirty-one percent on the full price.

The Quarry screenshot

The Quarry, nine friends, a bonfire, a fight for life

The particularity of The Quarryalso shared the titles of the aforementioned ‘videogame anthology’, is his gameplaydescribed as interactive dramabased on the decisions of the individual characters and enriched by the possibility to enjoy the title as if it were a television seriesthat means don’t play it but watch it.

The protagonists are the nine animators of the summer camp Hackett’s Quarrya group of teenagers who, finally managed to break away from both children and adults, organize a party to celebrate the newfound freedom.

The Quarry screenshot

The celebrations, however, quickly turn into a real nightmare. A multitude of mysterious figures begin to hunt down the groupwhose components are soon put in front of choices that will affect both their relationships with each other and their survival.

With echoes of titles such as Until Dawn (2015) and horror film sagas such as Friday 13, The Quarry also features a well-matched caston which they stand out David Arquetteconstant presence in the different Scream from Wes CravenAnd Brenda Songformer star of Disney Channel recently starred in the thriller Secret Obsession.