The PS3 hacker who was supposed to “save” Twitter is gone

Less than a month after its hiring, George “Geohot” Hotz Yes is resigned from Twitter: it’s about the former hacker who the same Elon Musk he hired for “fix” Twitter. The statement that revealed this novelty came precisely through the social network of chirps, and precisely from the person concerned.

According to his statements, it seems that the reasons are not due to problems born with people or with Twitter itself, but it seems that this resignation is due to the fact that, quoting himself, there is no impact of any kind that his work could have had within the company. All this, of course, thanking Musk for the opportunity he gave him.

Meanwhile, the poll created on Twitter by Elon Musk to make the CEO take a step back from Twitter, it now has a percentage fairly tending to yes, with the 57% of votes. According to what Musk said, if the poll ends with an affirmative answer, he will leave the post as soon as he finds someone “crazy enough” to take his place.

What will be the future of these events is still unclear, so there is nothing left to do but wait for news from himself and from the platform.