The PlayStation 5 Pro is supposed to arrive as early as Christmas 2024

Many influencers on social networks don’t know much about it, because the situation is quite different this console generation from the previous ones due to the lack of PS5 for the first two years.

For example, Jeff Grubb from Giantbomb ř hiccups, and we got the PS4 Pro last time. due to falling prices PS4 (the waning interest in gaming) and better raytracing isn’t something people would sit on their bums and buy a new console for.

Another analyst Benji-Sales believes that 2025 would make much more sense for a release, and for Sony it would only be beneficial for Sony to have a Pro model if production costs could be reduced.

However,ě all this wild speculation comes from Tom Henderson, who is perhaps still he has never been wrong and is among the most reliable, reliable insiders. He wouldn’t just suck it out of his finger to get more viewers.

On Insider Gaming claims that the PlayStation 6 will not arrive until in 2028, so Sony is said to want to launch the PlayStation 5 Pro in on Christmas 2024. The only innovation that he knows about so far is higher performance in ray tracing (according to Sony’s patent).

He had to learn it from his contacts, according to them; už is For console model currentě in productioně (in development). It is supposed to follow on from the slightly updated PS5 model from this fall (perhaps in September), which is supposed to have an external pluggable Blu-Ray drive, thus replacing two current PS5 models currently available on the market.

We are still said to be only at the very beginning of the hardware of this console generation, the Henderson source further stated.