The Planet Crafter, an open-world space survival game, has been released on Steam

The Planet Crafter

An open-world space survival game with a craft called The Planet Crafter has been released on Steam Early Access. Until March 31,  You can try the demo before buying. Here are some ScreenShots:

In The Planet Crafter, players will find themselves on a distant planet, which will have to be made suitable for human life. To do this, you will have to terraform the world in order to transform the planet’s ecosystem. You have to survive, collect resources, build bases and create oxygen. There are no monsters or aliens, fights, and violence in the game – the authors are not going to add them in the future.

The Planet Crafter will be in Early Access for one to two years. During this time, more terraformation stages and story elements will be added to the game, the game world will be expanded, and at least one vehicle will be introduced.