the next step will be a TV series, according to a rumor

After Gran Turismo 7, the next step for Polyphony Digital’s IP it could be a dedicated tv seriesta, according to a rumor. In the last few hours, both on twitter and other social networks, There is a rumor that the driving simulator is at the heart of a project which sees a transposition with actors, plot, screenplay and all the rest.

The first rumors began to spread through a post published on Reset Era where a user claims to have witnessed a Question and Answer session held by Sony for investors. According to his testimony, the PlayStation company would have reiterated what the plans are for its exclusive IPs that will have to become a TV series in the near future. Horizon (of which the second chapter arrived in February) should arrive on Netflix. God of Warinstead it will find hospitality among the contents of Amazon Prime Video. There would also be plans for Gran Turismo but, first, we need to find a platform willing to host the television adaptation.

At present, we have not been able to retrieve an official document produced by Sony that can confirm these claims. In the meantime, the information has reached Twitter where it has been shared by analyst Benji Sales. Even in the absence of official confirmation – which we will not be long in reporting once found – we are enough confident in the likelihood of such a scenario. Sony has shown that it is increasingly inclined to go down the road of film adaptations. Beyond Horizon and God of War, for example, The Last of Us is coming to HBO Max soon while Uncharted – another IP Naughty Dog exclusively for PlayStation – has already arrived in cinemas (and with excellent results).


We can imagine the doubts about adapting an IP as a completely storyless Gran Turismo. More than a difficulty, it could be an opportunity to write a story from scratch without having to bear the comparison with the videogame counterpart.

We reiterate, we are awaiting official confirmation. As soon as they are there we will report them on these same pages.

Source: ResetEraTwitter