the new trailer kicks off PlayStation VR2 pre-orders. Aloy will be there too!

Horizon Call of the Mountain is finally available for pre-order, launched on the same day as PlayStation VR2 and which will also accompany its launch, set for February 22, 2023. Guerrilla Games and Firesprite Games have also unveiled a short trailer dedicated to the opening of pre-orders, while also listing some details on the production, including the return of characters we have already met such as Aloy.

“In Horizon Call of the Mountain, you step into the shoes (and gloves) of Ryas, a Shadow Carja Warrior on a quest for redemption. Haunted by a difficult past and tasked with dangerous tasks, Ryas has been offered his freedom only in exchange for research into a new danger on Sundom. A master of rock climbing and archery, Ryas will need to use all of his skills to survive the perilous journey that will lead him to find his answers”reads the Guerrilla Games blog.

“Characters new and old, including Aloy herself, will cross Ryas’ path to help him in his quest to uncover this secret danger. Being equipped for any situation is vital to the success of Ryas’ mission, and in Horizon Call of the Mountain you’ll end up coming across numerous weapons and tools that you’ll need to master to survive against the many machines you’ll encounter along the way.”concludes Guerrilla.


Dangerous machines and which include many of the threats already seen in the main games. For example, we can see Ryas attacking a Merlin, or facing a Devour Thunder. In the cover photo it is also possible to observe a Stormbird, a symptom that we will also have to face the elegant bird.

We remember that Horizon Call of the Mountain will be among the exclusive titles for PlayStation VR2 and PlayStation 5. At the launch of the viewer we will find other games too, including titles also available on PSVR1 and adaptations of already established titles such as, for example, No Man’s Sky and Resident Evil Village.

Source: Playstation