the new competition that drives everyone crazy

In recent years we have seen the great growth of eSports in Italy. This discipline, which can be defined as video game competitions at a professional level, has been widespread for many years in other parts of the world, especially Asia and the United States, but is reaching increasingly significant levels of importance in our country as well.

There are still many who turn up their noses when eSports they are combined with real sports but the truth is undeniable: the trend is in maximum growth and to prove it is the Italian market which is gradually adapting to this new sector.

Between 2020 and the 2021 it is estimated that the eSports generated an economic impact of around 45 million euros, and last year well 1.6 million Italians they said they were following events eSport at least once a week.

Evidence of this closeness of eSports to more traditional sports is also the fact that most of the AAMS betting sites offers the possibility to bet on the main eSports events, as well as sporting events. Some bookmakers such as Betway have a separate section for this type of betting.

Given the similarity between eSports and sport, it is natural that in Italy, a country where football reigns supreme, one of the most followed eSports are competitions on FIFA, the very famous football video game that starting next year it will change its name to Ea Sports FC.

Among the many competitions on FIFAthe most followed is certainly the e Series Athe version eSport of our beloved football league. This competition, unlike the sporting equivalent, is very recent: the first edition was in fact played two years ago (delayed due to the pandemic) and a few months ago the second edition has just ended, which saw the triumph of the Turin FC eSports Team with champion Francesco Tagliaferro (player Obrun2002).

Despite the recent birth of this tournament, the e Series A has already conquered millions of fans throughout Italy and, as well as the entire sector of eSportsis a candidate to assume an increasingly central position in the entertainment scene in Italy and beyond.

With the second edition just over, now we are looking forward to the start of the third season with online qualifiers starting towards the end of the year.
The regulation of the eSeries In fact, A foresees that before the start of the Regular Seasonthe actual development of the championship starting from 4 Italian rounds, a first phase of Qualifications Online and next Draft.
This phase consists of an online tournament open to all, from which every year the most promising players come out and have the possibility of being chosen by one of the official teams, a very similar process for example to the draft. NBA.

The regulation also states in this regard that each team must necessarily have at least one of the three players coming from this more “democratic” phase.

Perhaps this is also one of the reasons for the success of this competition and why so many Italians, especially young boys, follow this discipline assiduously: the possibility of being able to compete at professional levels starting from the living room with the joystick in hand is a dream that many have and that few other sports offer.