the mod shows itself in the first gameplay. In the cast, also two actors who played Doctor Who!

Meanwhile that Bethesda decides a start work on Fallout 5 – spoiler, it will take a long time – the community of enthusiasts and modders proceed with churning out sensational mods. Fallout London, in particular, is among those mods that stand out for their ambition and size, being almost at the level of an official expansion. As if that weren’t enough, the mod also features two actors who in the past played an iconic character from the TV series: Doctor Who.

To take part in the project, in fact, we find Colin Baker and Sylvester McCoy. The two actors starred in Doctor Who, impersonating respectively the sixth and seventh incarnations of the character, and here they will play two mysterious scientists. A choice that not only demonstrates the team’s considerable commitment, but also goes well with the typically British setting of the project.

Even with the necessary differences due to reasons of lore and … well, a few too many atomic bombs, London is perfectly recognizable. The modder also created ad hoc enemies, as well as a dedicated story. The gameplay sees the first 18 minutes of the adventure, from the awakening of the protagonist to the exit from the station.


In the gameplay video we can see how the modder is committed to giving London a much bleaker look than Boston, in particular in the subways and in the station. The mod will be available for free to all players who own Fallout 4. Unfortunately, there is currently no release date, but you can follow all the progress. on the team’s Twitter profile.

Source: Twitter