The Master of Magic remake goes gold

Slitherine announced that work on the remake of Master of Magic has reached the gold stagetherefore the development has been completed and everything is now ready for the expected release in a couple of weeks.

The remake of the legendary 4X strategy created by Steve Barcia was made by MuHa Games. In the new Master of Magic, players will be able to take on the role of one of 14 wizards who aim to conquer the worlds of Arcanus and Myrror. To do this, they will have at their disposal not only their arcane powers, but also legions of soldiers and followers to move around a hexagonal map, conquering settlements and fighting against enemy armies. During each game it will be possible to manage and upgrade cities, research new spells and perform arcane rituals to ensure victory.

The Master of Magic remake will be available on PC via Steam from 13 December 2022.

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