the map has had minor changes since launch. Here is the video that proves it!

Elden Ring dominated the market in these first months of 2022. In fact, nothing else has been talked about online. Did you know that Japanese gamers have played it for more than 100 hours on average? Not to mention sales. The FromSoftware title has sold over 13.4 million copies, making it the software house’s most successful game. However, the popularity of the title has started to decline: on Steam it has lost about 90% of users. Nonetheless, a particular unearthed by a user could lead some players to return.

The Illusory Wall YouTube channel has posted a video showing small changes made to the Elden Ring map. These changes were made by FromSoftware without being too noticeable as the game’s patches were released. Attention, the playing area has not been completely altered. The changes that have taken place simply concern small tweaks that, unless you look thoroughly, hardly come to light.

For example, patch 1.03 removed a small part of the map that failed to fit into the game. This could have been a pile of rocks or pieces of ruins. Other measures concern an area of ​​Liurnia where it was difficult to distinguish the upper part from the lower part. This has been corrected, and it is now clear that there is no direct way connecting these two parts. Also in this part of the map some pieces of ruins have been removed and, possibly, also an unknown structure that failed to be put into the final product.


Illosury Wall says that certain parts of the Elden Ring map may have been made using the procedural method, so FromSoftware needed to make it more cohesive. It is also possible that some of these changes represent discarded ideas.

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