The Mandalorian Season 3, Disney + release window confirmed

The new trailer of The Mandalorian was released behind closed doors, and although we still have no way to admire the new content related to Season 3 of the well-known Star Wars showwe know that the next episodes will be streaming on Disney + in February 2023.

Specifically, we are talking about a series that is particularly awaited by users, which as confirmed also officially by Disney through the official Star Wars Twitter account, he will be able to come back to the streaming catalog soonin order to continue the adventures particularly appreciated by fans for the first two seasons.

According to what was anticipated, although it is good to wait for the official trailer of the series in order to find out more details about the new content, the new Season will bring back all the most beloved characters that have characterized the adventures of this series. set in the world of Star Warsfrom the character Din Djarin by Pedro Pascal to Baby Yoda and Mando.

Obviously, for sure over the next few months Disney will be able to provide a more precise release date for what concerns the next upcoming adventures, obviously hoping that this will have the opportunity to present itself already in the first part of February and that therefore for the users do not need to wait much longer in order to admire the new episodes, of which we do not yet have almost any details.

In case you want to refresh your memory about the contents of the latest episode of Season 2 of The Mandalorian pending the release of Season 3 on Disney +, we take the opportunity to refer you to our recent dedicated review, which you can find here.

Meanwhile, it looks like one of the upcoming films in the Star Wars universe could be made with Sam Raimi directing, as was recently detailed by a report. Find all the details on the issue at this link.