the list of free classics expands, filters announced

The new PlayStation Plus, a service that will include the old namesake and the PlayStation Now, will contain some free classic titles in its catalog that will allow the new generations to play at masterpieces that, perhaps, they have lost and the old ones to recall sweet memories.

About this, Sony announced that it has implemented some filters, three in particular, to give players a realistic and “ancient” feeling, despite the massive presence of new generation TVs. The first filter is called Default and will show you the classic in a stark way, while the Modern will apply some improvements.

The most interesting filter, however, is the Retro Classic. Basically, it is a CRT filter that will replicate the vision of the old CRT TVs on the new ones, in order to give players a classic feeling, in all respects. We will see how accurate it will be. And that’s not the only novelty.

Here’s how the Retro Classic filter will work

Yes why these classics for free, thanks to PlayStation Now, you can play them by choosing the resolution you prefer. For the great titles of the past, it comes by itself to choose the old and expensive 4: 3. But if you want to choose the current 16: 9, no problem, you can do it with complete peace of mind.

As for the titles already announced and available on the day of the launch of the service, we record the presence of Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Ridge Racer 2, title released for PSP. We look forward to more new entries, but we won’t have to wait long, considering the new PlayStation Now launches in Asia this weekend.

Furthermore, Siphon Filter, the famous title released for PlayStation, will have a very personal trophy list. It is not clear if all the classics will have their own list, but for lovers of Platinum, one of the many strengths of Sony’s home consoles, platinating some games from the past will certainly be a great thrill that we can’t wait to try.