The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

Nintendo’s The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom is not only the most sought-after title on consoles at the moment, the latest offshoot of the series seems to be well on the way to breaking all records again. But what alternatives are there on PlayStation that come very close to Zelda and are therefore worth a look?

Many adventure game developers use them zeldaseries as a template, so that you can always see great similarities in it. So if you don’t have a Nintendo console, you have to do without the original, but you will find counterparts that are just as good and promise no less.

Immortals Fenyx Rising

Among the really big productions you can Immortals Fenyx Rising by Ubisoft, which was released right at the launch of the PS5. Roughly speaking, the title is made up as a mix zelda and God of War described, i.e. combined with the best series that the respective platform has to offer.

As a player you slip into Immortals Fenyx Rising Take on the role of Fenyx, a winged demigod who must save the Greek gods and their homeland from a dark curse. Players will learn the legendary powers of the gods, endure heroic trials, and face off against powerful mythological beasts to ultimately confront Typhon, the deadliest titan in Greek mythology.

Immortals Fenyx Rising is now not only available particularly cheaply, but also provides a lot of extra fun with its expansions. There is also speculation about a sequel, which is said to be in development at Ubisoft.

The Swords of Ditto

With The Swords of Ditto developer onebitbeyond delivered an action RPG that you would place in the time before the first 3D Zelda games appeared. Here a legendary hero joins the relentless struggle against the evil Mormo while exploring a beautiful and dangerous overworld and menacing dungeons. The goal is to defeat the evil that plagues the island. To do this, you use the mystical sword Ditto and deny with friends an unforgettable adventure full of wonderful characters, extraordinary loot and heroic battles that will make you a legend.

In our review at the time, we came to the conclusion:

“If you like the game’s quirky humor, don’t mind the synth sound, and maybe are looking for a colorful, Zelda-inspired action RPG, then The Swords of Ditto is the place for you.”

An expanded version has since been released as The Swords of Ditto: Mormo’s Curse, featuring new locations, new weapons and tools, new enemies and bosses.

Genshin Impact

On PS5 is Genshin Impact meanwhile a real hit that is regularly supplied with exciting updates and content. The fantasy action role-playing game is strongly reminiscent of The Legend: Breath of the Wildnot only as a graphical point of view, but also in terms of interactions and gameplay that the battles in Genshin Impact make it even more exciting.

For that Genshin Impact has received numerous awards since its release in 2020, including Best Ongoing Game and the Players Choice Awards. The extensive update 3.7 will follow shortly, bringing new missions, challenges and a new character to light.

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