The leaks suggest extensive single player support

An old abandoned concept with GTA V could make a comeback

No one could have imagined the success he was destined to have GTA Onlinewhich quickly became home to over 2.7 million players on a monthly basis, scoring revenues of over a billion a year for Rockstar Games. Despite this enormous success, however, the debut of the aforementioned mode – at the time unprecedented for the series – unfortunately cost the single player counterpart, less supported than expected to give space to the multiplayer counterpart.

According to the leaks, GTA VI should, however, correct the shot on this point:

The material leaked early from the studies suggests the possibility that the game enjoys, even in its single-player component, the regular release of special updates. According to the insider Tez2the next Grand Theft Auto it will expand “in time” and will do “What Rockstar planned before the GTA Online boom”. This new chapter apparently will include new cities and missions, and by expanding the single-player we can expect the arrival of new cities and thick content post-launch. According to the insider, several DLCs are already being planned.

If so Rockstar could do with this GTA VI what she did not manage with the old one: giving a lot to play both for those who love the frenetic multiplayer mode and for those who love the single player sector – the latter, although of excellent quality, poorly supported in the latest iteration of the series. Obviously, given the epochal success of the online component, reducing its support would be counterproductive – it is instead logical and far-sighted to try to support us with greater support also for the single player component – to support, not supplant.

After all, the single player is what made the saga’s fortune GTA since its debut in 1997 – it was then Grand Theft Auto IV to insert a first timid approach to multiplayer, laying the foundations that would then be cemented and successfully evolved in the fifth chapter. The difference between these two chapters, however, was that the first received a couple of beloved DLCs, while the second did not know any single player expansions.

Initially, the plans were to create DLCs for GTA Vbut that was before the success of the online mode pushed Rockstar to give up on previous plans to focus on this new phenomenon. At the moment nothing is known for certain: we do not know if Grand Theft Auto VI it will include its own online world or if GTA Online it will continue to exist as a separate entity – however, we can only hope that, be that as it may, the single player receives the support it deserves.