the latest update is dedicated to Italy

Continue the series of World Update through which Asobo Studio made his Microsoft Flight Simulator an increasingly immersive experience. And after the Iberian Peninsulait seems that the time of our boot has also come: the latest update published by the developers is in fact dedicated toItaly it’s at Malta. In this full-bodied patchavailable free of charge, many areas have received a better definition of their environments, allowing us to admire even more in detail the views that make the Bel Paese famous all over the world.

World Update IX introduces updated models for 20 Italian cities, including Venice, Naples, Milan and Rome; they have also been introduced 94 points of interest who travel Italy from top to bottom, more another 11 for the Island of Malta. To guide us in our discovery of the new environments, Microsoft Flight Simulator has also been enriched with nine challenges: three Bush Trips (Apennines, Sicily and Sardinia), three Landing Challenges (Reggio Calabria, Palermo Falcone Borsellino, Genova Setri) and three Discovery Flights (Rome, Venice and Florence). Furthermore, for a few more days, various mini-DLCs linked to this update will be on sale.