The Last of Us Part I: Did we need it?

Come back The Last of Us for PlayStation 5adapted and updated to the new graphics engine used for The Last of Us Part II; but did we really need it? In this transition phase probably yesbut other aspects must also be considered.

The first chapter of the saga, now called The Last of Us Part Iwas released at the end of the life cycle of PlayStation 3 in 2013 and stood out, like every Naughty Dog job of the time for his engaging narrative and for the ability to push the system PlayStation 3 up to a graphic rendering above what you were normally used to.

Years later and with a new chapter that has upset everything both from a graphic point of view and from a narrative point of view, it was necessary to restore the order of things and update the title to new graphics engine.

Having in fact added “Part II” to the game it was necessary to make sure that the first chapter was in line with the new nameand it was also the right occasion to revisit it graphically and bring it both up PlayStation 5 than on PC.

Let’s see the trailer of The Last of Us Part I released by the developer:

It is certainly a Marketing but that makes perfect sense with the continuity of the productso yes, it is a welcome readjustment and in our opinion it makes perfect sense.

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