The Last of Us multiplayer, will 2023 completely open the curtain on the game?

The Last of Us multiplayer it will not see the light in 2023, most likely, but there is no doubt that during the year Naughty Dog will open the curtain on the game. According to the words of Neil Druckmann and associates, it would be the most ambitious project the team has ever worked on, at least in terms of multiplayer. At the moment, however, we can only rely on hypotheses and hopes.

One of them, for example, is that The Last of Us multiplayer can be structured very differently from The Last of Us multiplayer and from multiplayer in general. We already know that the setting should be alla live servicetherefore with an ever-expanding world and series of content and activities, as happens with Fortnite and Call of Duty: Warzone 2.0.

Someone hopes that the game will recall, in terms of gameplay and approach to content management, The Division. Certainly the PvE cooperative component will be important, but it is also foreseeable that there are PvP clashes between players belonging to different groups.

Considering then the strong narrative vein of Naughty Dog, The Last of Us multiplayer will not hold back in terms of stories to tell. The recent statements by Neil Druckmann, who was fascinated by the passive narration of Elden Ring, could point towards an approach to non-linear storytelling right in the stand-alone multiplayer set in the universe of Joel and Ellie.

Another element to consider, then, is whether the game will be released as free to play with Premium functions or if it will have an initial cost, capable of guaranteeing everyone the same type of experience, without prejudice to any DLC or purchases with an aesthetic function.

Only time will answer these and other questions. Neil Druckmann said he no longer believes in announcements made too early, so we shouldn’t lose hope of being able to get our hands on the title sooner than we think. The important thing, as always, is that haste does not prevail over quality.