the inexorable drop in sales of physical copies also in 2022

Although the video game market has been experiencing a real golden age for years that seems endless, the same cannot be said of the boxed game market. According to the latest ERA report, in fact, titles sold digitally make up almost 96% of the market.

According to the latest report from the Digital Entertainment and Retail Association (ERA), the UK gaming market in 2022 saw an unchallenged dominance of digital copies, which made up 95.5% of videogame sales. Physical copies of video games therefore remain only a “small” niche, which now seems destined to shrink more and more.

A trend that we have also seen in past years and which, also due to the current-gen consoles, will most likely continue in the future.
Despite this news, however, the data provided by ERA confirm another positive year for the video game market, which also in 2022 showed further growth of 2.3% compared to the past. This, considering the impressive increase of almost 15% in 2021, tell of a golden age of gaming!


This is the comment of the president of the ERA Ben Drury, which confirms what the data testify:

Despite the pandemic, political uncertainty and the recession, entertainment has continued to soar.” he has declared. “A growth of almost 40% since 2019 is extraordinary.”

“Few would have believed we would maintain the positive revenue trajectory that started with the lockdowns that kept people at home, but these numbers show that, even in a recession, people are determined to keep spending on entertainment” .

Source: VGN extension