The horror multiplayer game Deceit 2 was introduced more closely

It is a Deceit 2 game from World Makers. T has now been shown at the Streamer Awards via a new teaser. The game is multiplayer and works like Among Us, only instead of deciding on the suspects, they just hunt them down.

The title in the teaser shows the possibilities of gameplay and visions to reach Unreal Engine 5.

Among the most important mechanics in the game will be:

  • Deception and Manipulation: The Infected (killers) try to activate the bloody olter in order to bring the innocent game into a dangerous reality. There, infected, you can use your meticulously changing skills. Innocent players, however, may have discovered the infected outside of this reality.
  • Hunt and Kill: In the harsh reality of In-Between, innocent players must find a way to escape and cross.
  • Deduce and escape: Innocent games have the advantage that there are more of them. Outside of the strict reality, he is easily infected and even knows how to buy items at a shop for a lot of money. He will receive those for fulfilling his duties.
  • Vahujca vonos: Deceit 2 is designed as a social sandbox with unique and creative ways to play both roles. Social deception is at the heart of this game, you will have to follow the behavior of other games and evaluate the situation before making some evasive decisions. There are tons of tools that can help him, but with item and mp variations between games, you’ll have to adjust your strategy on the fly.

The release date of the game is not yet known.