The Gunk: Photo mode available

The Gunk

As announced, photo mode has arrived in The Gunk, the adventure of the two space explorers, developed by Image & Form Games and published by Thunderful Games. For the occasion, the trailer was released that shows just how this mode works; you can see it at the bottom of the news.

This new mode puts a suite of photographic tools in the hands of players to help capture the best shots of the game’s alien world – a perfect way to delve deeper into the sights the title offers and to empower the player’s creativity. , to offer a new perspective on The Gunk’s alien flora and fauna environment.

The new Photo mode includes a number of editing possibilities. Post-processed photo editing options include

  • Ability to adjust depth of field
  • Exposure
  • Field of view
  • Filters such as “noir”, “sepia” ,”cartoon”, and more.
The Gunk Black and White Photo Mode
The Gunk Inverted colored Photo Mode

The mode also allows you to adjust the pose of the protagonist Rani and change her facial expressions to add personality to the shots and perfectly match the tone you’re aiming for with every photo you take.

For all fans who plan to share their shots of The Gunk on social media, Thunderful is asking its community to showcase their works, by tagging @Thunderfulgames and using the hashtag #TheGunkPhotoMode so they can retweet the creations.

The Photo Mode update brings with it a number of game improvements based on community feedback. These include improved resolution settings, with 4K monitors now better supported, the ability to disable motion blur, general quality changes, such as a setting to automatically enter aim mode, and improvements in mouse control.

Leaving you to the video below, we remind you that The Gunk is available on Xbox Series X / S, PC via Windows Store, also on Xbox Game Pass, and will soon arrive on Steam.