the graphic of the leak “sucks” and will remain so, for a user. Developers silence him with facts and logic

A few days ago, one of the biggest leaks in gaming history occurred. Various material from Grand Theft Auto 6, as well as part of the GTA 6 and GTA 5 source codesended up on the net generating on the one hand hype for the project, from a sorrow for having seen Rockstar Games go through hell and, finally, a last part that does not know how to distinguish the various stages of development of a game, already starting to rule on builds that are several months, if not years old. Among them is a user who, however, was silenced by professional developers with facts and logic.

The user in question, with a know-it-all, explained that the graphics sector of GTA 6 would not have changed compared to the videos shown. “If you only knew how video game development works, you would know that graphics are one of the first things to be completed. This game has been in development for four years. What you see will be exactly what you get. The next year will be devoted only to refining the code and debugging. This game looks like crap ”.

The Tweet in question has generated quite a bit of controversy, with several users who have denied what the user said. These were then joined by several professional developers who have literally silenced the user in question with facts and logic, who probably deleted the Tweet after replying. Among the developers we find the indie employees behind Cult of the Lambshowing the huge difference between the initial graphics sector and that of the final release.


Paul Ereth, developer of Remedy, showed a preliminary build of Control instead that, if we were to judge it with the parameters of the user in question, it would be very bad from a graphic point of view. As we all know, however, Control is still one of the most technically sumptuous games existing on PC, with a use of Ray Tracing that has literally dictated school in the industry.

“Since graphics are the first thing to be completed in a video game, e Control has won several awards for the excellence of its graphics, this is how it looked in the early stages of development, explained Paul Ereth. Sam Barlow instead showed the first version of Immortality, comparing it with the final one and explaining how the developers have dedicated the first 2 years to the development of the gameplay and Artificial Intelligence.

At the end, Cian Maher of Guerrilla Games showed the prototype state of Horizon: Zero Dawn. In the image we can see a photo of the game depicting a soldier intent on shooting a Thunderjaw … different from usual. It is in fact a basic model, designed more to study its AI and work on the pieces that can be removed. The scenery is also very far from the wildlife wonders of Zero Dawn.

Cian Maher also praised one of Rockstar Games’ previous works, namely GTA 4, referring to the enormous care the team pays to their games. The object in question was the physics of water, which reacted in real time with the thrust given by the helicopter’s propeller. The yield was so convincing that the helicopter was able to reveal the bottom of the lake.

“I mean, in GTA 4 (2008) you could land a helicopter in a lake because the physics of the water responded to the lift generated by the propellers. If you really believe that whatever Rockstar Games is developing turns out to be less polished than GTA 5, then I really don’t know what to tell you. You are hopelesssays Maher.

In short, the developers have defended the work of Rockstar Games, despite being part of totally different companies. The ironic thing, in all of this, is that what we saw on GTA 6 is not even remotely deserving of so much hatred, especially considering how GTA 5 was in its Alpha version and how, then, it turned out to be at the exit. The game already boasts a solid graphics sector, and the differences with the old-gen productions of Rockstar Games are clear.

Source: ResetEra

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