the Goldenloop update is shown in a new trailer

After over a year of exclusivity on PC and PlayStation 5, Deathloop is finally preparing to land on Xbox Series X / S. In addition to being included in the offer Game Passthe title will update with the update Goldenloopprotagonist of the recent trailer released by Bethesda. Here, below, the movie!

Some details about Goldenloop, the new Deathloop update!

The update, currently available for the pre-loadwill introduce the cross-platform matchmaking, which will allow PC, Xbox and PlayStation users to participate in the same online session. In addition, for the PC and Xbox versions, they will be implemented cross-save and cross-purchase functions; a very welcome addition to owners of both devices.

In terms of content, the update introduces Leak, a new ability capable of stunning enemies; the ability can in turn be enhanced, thus ensuring further effects according to your preferences.


A new weapon also appears: the AUTA prototype. This is an energy rifle capable of firing a continued laser beam, ideal for piercing enemies with maximum precision. Also, aiming at turrets and security cameras, the beam will come reflexthus going to hit nearby enemies.


Other new features in the update include a new enemy, new upgrades for Julianna and the unpublished ones “2 in 1” platelets, capable of combining the abilities of two pre-existing platelets. For the Full list of the contents introduced by the update, you can consult this link.

Deathloop release date

The Xbox Series X / S version of Deathloop and the Goldenloop update will be available starting tomorrow, September 20th.