The gaming media called Stranger of Paradise a “B” game

The gaming media called Stranger of Paradise a "B" game

The first gaming media scores and reviews for Final Fantasy Origin: Stranger of Paradise have surfaced online. The opinions of critics are divided, and the game is mostly rated as good, but no more. The game has an average score of 73 on Metacritic and 76 on OpenCritic.

The reviewer God is a Geek in his review very often compared the new game from Team Ninja with other more famous studio projects – Nioh and Nioh 2. The similarity was noticeable not only in graphics but also in some mechanics and in the principles of building levels and mission design. The journalist did not consider this to be something bad and, in general, he positively assessed the game, however, in his opinion, some mechanics were unnecessary. In addition, the reviewer did not like that the game did not have a very balanced difficulty – it was either too easy or too difficult.

The GamesRadar+ reviewer also had questions about the level design – it seemed to him very boring and simple. In addition, according to the journalist, the combat system seems too unpredictable and sometimes “dirty”. At the same time, the reviewer praised the professional system in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, which is tied to a certain type of weapon.

Very often, a stupid and “childish” plot with typical clichés and script twists was criticized – this, in particular, was mentioned by the VG247 portal. Nevertheless, it was difficult for the reviewer to leave the game – all because of the professional system mentioned above, as well as because of the constant bombardment of the journalist with items of equipment. Nevertheless, even taking into account all the pluses, the journalist ranked the game in the “B” category.

  • Destructoid — 85
  • Wccftech — 82
  • TheGamer — 80
  • GamesBeat — 80
  • SpaceGames – 72
  • Game Informer — 70
  • Game Rant — 70
  • VG247 — 60
  • GamesRadar+ — 50
  • NME — 20