the game will integrate perfectly on DualSense

The world of Harry Potter is known, has no borders, just like Hogwarts Legacy. Reality and magic meet in an adventure with all the trimmings that over the years has been narrated through books and films.

The magical world of JK Rowling still has a lot to tell and after the latest films that have captured fans like never before, this umpteenth long-awaited title could be one of the most ambitious projects linked to the videogame universe of the franchise. If you’re curious about some more Hogwarts Legacy goodies, stay with us!

Hogwarts Legacy: with DualSense you will do real magic!

Hogwarts Legacy still has a lot to tell and today it will prove it further as we will share with you an incredible gem that only trusted Sony players can boast.

We know that you are curious, so stop the chatter and reveal immediately what’s behind this article. It all started with the PlayStation official blog, who wanted to share with us how the game will make use of the amazing PlayStation 5 controller.

Hogwarts Legacy

In short, you will have a kind of magic wand in your hands, and you can enjoy using the controller like never before. Above all thanks to the adaptive triggers, designed to give you greater dynamism during the most salient moments. Then there’s the haptic feedback that will make you feel like a real wizard.

The icing on the cake will be the various lights and the various LEDs that the controller boasts. Don’t despair if you can’t wait to try the title. The wait is now coming to an end!

For the moment we just have to wait patiently and give you an appointment as always in the next article!