The Game proves that Metacritic no longer determines the success of a game

According to the CEO of Saber Interactive.

Evil Dead: The Game was the protagonist of a very positive launch, with 500,000 copies sold all over the world in less than a week from the official launch. And precisely this result, obviously incredibly positive for Embracer Group And Saber Interactiveallowed the publisher and development team to launch a real stab at Metacritic.

In fact, during the new conference concerning the financial results of Embracer Groupobtained in the last quarter of the fiscal year 2021, Matthew KarchCEO of Saber Interactiveanswered a direct question regarding the launch of Evil Dead: The Gamewith the host of the presentation in question raising concerns about the not exactly positive votes for the new title.

Evil Dead: The Game is selling a lot even without receiving glowing ratings

And on this occasion the good Karch he replied with a simple “they’re not great, but for the genre it’s all pretty solid“. In addition, the executive said that the team of Saber remained “pleasantly surprised”From the votes obtained to date from the horror game, also managing to overcome the internal objectives of the team.

Furthermore Matthew Karch stated that “The other thing we’ve learned is that the days when a Metacritic score determined how much a game could sell are actually long gone.“.

Karch he therefore substantially stated that despite receiving not exactly exciting reviews (the current average rating is 74 on Metacritic), Evil Dead: The Game however, it is managing to sell very well, even better than the publisher expected.

The executive also reassured fans that Evil Dead: The Game represents a new beginning, being the “first of a new franchise” and with Saber Interactive ready to release some additional content dedicated to the cult series of Sam Raimi.

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