the game is postponed to 2023

L’Xbox & Bethesda Showcase held during last Sunday afternoon had a flurry of platform-related announcements and news Microsoft. Many things have put us in hype but some small details, like the one related to STALKER 2 they left the fans surprised.

STALKER 2: a sad reality

If you remember correctly GSC Game World has already postponed the game’s release date, originally scheduled for January 2022, placing it in December 2022. However, the war in Ukraine has hit them hard, forcing them to suspend development for a few weeks. Recall that the studio is based in Kiev, making it one of the most affected software houses in the sector.

Although the launch window has not been updated, everything seemed to indicate that the release has been postponed again, the confirmation from the Xbox itself through the image that we leave you below


In the image, the company has summarized the games that are about to arrive in the next twelve months both on its consoles and on PC (and also on Game Pass). STALKER 2 is listed for 2023 which would indicate that it could be ready for the first half of the year, rather than 8 December 2022. In any case we must be cautious as this is a very specific case and of course we are not talking about a development ” normal”.

STALKER 2 new details

Looking forward to knowing when we can finally enjoy STALKER 2, the study ensured that they continue to work on it despite the complications. In fact, they are making progress even away from Ukraine, as some developers have left the country due to the war.

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