The Game Awards, Bill Clinton’s boyfriend badly eliminated from official photos

A job worthy of the worst Paint user

To the The Game Awards of 2022 the incursion of the boy who took the floor to quote seems to have made more news Bill Clinton rather than the awarding of the winning titles of the various categories. Indeed, established that the GOTY would go anyway oa Elden Ring oa God of War Ragnarokafter noting the victory of From Software’s masterpiece, we focused a lot on the crazy performance of the boy crashed on stage.

The Game Awards tries to cancel the Bill Clinton Kid, but the result is bad

After the evening of The Game Awards they heard all the colors about what is now called the Bill Clinton Kid. Geoff Keighley had ensured that the young man had been arrested, only to discover that the Los Angeles police did not detect arrests from the area where the event was held. Rumors had then spread about the boy’s anti-Semitism, who had now become the protagonist of the evening and of the memes on the net that celebrated his absurd feat.

Now, in a sort of history rewriting operation, all the more necessary given the epochal fool made by the organization of The Game Awards and by the security service, the curators of the social profiles of the event have tried to eliminate the boy from the official photos. The result, as you can see, is absolutely disastrous, with an amusing attempt at censorship which looks like the work of a novice graphic designer.

The photo in question portrays the moment in which Hidetaka Miyazaki receives the game of the year award at Elden Ring. At that juncture, the Bill Clinton Kid was behind the two managers of From Software engaged in their acceptance speech. In the photo, used to underline how the Japanese studio is the first to win two GOTYs at The Game Awards (the other was fu Sekiro), the boy was rudely erased, without bothering to properly recreate the background of the stage.

The result is hilarious and is not justifiable considering the potential of the graphic designers of the social profiles of The Game Awards. Any professional could have obtained the necessary cancellation effect with a few clicks and without anyone being able to notice the intervention. In this way, however, we risk emphasizing the lack of something that we want to hide but which appears even more in plain sight.