The Game Awards 2022, over fifty games at the event

Geoff Keighley promises a frantic pace and some surprises

As the end of the year approaches, all video game fans know that i The Game Awards by Geoff Keighley I know one of the events not to be missed is that of Geoff Keighley. This is one of the most important ceremonies for the entire videogame sector, and not only for the awards given to videogames that have distinguished themselves in the various categories proposed. The event, in fact, has always been the scene of great announcements, which look to the immediate future and which often reserve real bombs for the years to come.

The Game Awards: Over fifty games on the list

During an interview given to the site Videogames.sithe same Geoff Keighley has revealed some details that will please all fans. In fact, it seems that the next edition of The Game Awards, scheduled for December 8, has in store over fifty games to be presented. It will be news in all respects, but also updates for titles already announced or already on the market. In any case, it is a large enough number to deserve our attention.

It is always hard, because having more than fifty games involved in some way there is always the risk that something will escape“Said Kieighley. “But yes, we have a good story behind us, we know how to do it, and we usually manage to keep some surprises. ” Someone already speculates that The Game Awards may be a good opportunity to see Hideo Kojima’s new project, but there are also those who talk about a new Crash Bandicoot. In any case, it is the completely unexpected announcements that cause the most sensation.

While maintaining a very good number of presentations, the show will have one shorter duration. This is confirmed by the conductor, who in this way demonstrates that he has given weight to some of the main criticisms reserved for the show in previous years, namely those relating to its excessive length. A shorter playing time in relation to the more than fifty titles planned translates into a really frenetic pace, what it takes to leave everyone pleasantly stunned.

We will be hosting some previously announced games that will showcase new content“, Keighley continued, returning to the protagonists of the evening. “But we will also have many new games to present. There is already a lot of speculation on the net about what may or may not be. I’m sure some rumors are probably not true and will intensify in the coming weeks anyway.