the first spoilers emerge on the net

Some plot points from Stranger Things season 4 were leaked and leaked online.

To promote the upcoming season of Stranger Things, Netflix had commissioned a Monopoly board game based on the show’s fourth season. Unfortunately, however, the board game was released early, and playing card images reveal new season plot highlights.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Duffer brothers, creators of Stranger Thing, had “a total meltdown” after spoilers became the subject of discussion on Reddit.

Some sources reported that the two were not consulted regarding the publication of the board game, and that they were not at all happy with the incident.

Also on Reddit, a post states that the board game was purchased by a consumer correctly through a globally recognized retailer.

So no one has stolen any source or any copy of the game illegally.

However, the authenticity of the purchase remains unconfirmedalthough online sellers continue to use the old Stranger Things Monopoly images, rather than the new ones related to season 4.

How these leaks were possible remains an unclear question, although probably given the breadth of the Stranger Things brand, some problem may have occurred during the distribution of the product.

We have learned a lesson, and we expect there will be more attention in the fifth season “

It was claimed to The Hollywood Reporter.

We personally invite you to be carefulsince by now those spoilers are on the net and you could ruin the new season of Stranger Things, which we remember will be available starting May 27, 2022 up Netflix.

We must therefore wait a few more days before finding out what will happen to Eleven and the “Scooby-Gang” (cited Buffy The Vampire Slayer).

In the meantime, to pass the wait, why not go check out the official trailer for the new season, and take a look at our article about it?