the first reviews, published in advance, praise the game

The Callisto Protocol is now close to release, with players from all over the world ready to jump into this terrifying new adventure. In the last few hours, the horror title of Striking Distance he found himself the victim of “early reviews”. In fact, several newspapers published their reviews a day in advance violating the embargo expiring on December 2, 2022. Despite these errors, those waiting for the arrival of the game will be happy to know that these early reviews give full marks to the game as well as revealing its possible lifespan.

So let’s start from this first piece of information. The Callisto Protocol it will keep players busy for around 12-14 hours, thus proving to have a duration in line with the productions of recent times. It is not for nothing that we have included it in our exclusive TOP 5 of the most anticipated horror games of these months. It must be said, however, that the latter could vary depending on how the players decide to live their adventurejumping headlong into fights or taking the right time to explore.

Coming instead to the reviews, in principle, everyone seems to agree that The Callisto Protocol is in all respects one of the best horror games of recent years, if not ever. Particularly praised the graphics sector, with some of the most beautiful views ever, and the gameplay of the title.


Leading the way for these reviews in advance is Evening Standard which opens the ball with a stunning 5/5. Without talking in detail about what is written in the review, we can say that the editorial team ensures that the wait was worth it. Specifically, the horror colors that characterize the game are praised, colors that will amaze all fans of the genre. Also confirmed the presence of a good number of sequences of pure fear far from the now abused jumpscare present in similar productions.

Finally follows the review of gwc extension which assigns to the work of Striking Distance a score of 9.35828 out of 10, thus confirming the high quality of the game. As for the Evening Standard, also in this case the breathtaking graphic sector and the gameplay capable of entertaining in every game are striking.

But speaking of gameplay, did you know that SpngeBob is a source of inspiration for some game elements? As explained by the developers, the nice Nickelodeon sponge and several other cartoons are a reference model for some animations of the creatures you come across during the game.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that The Callisto Protcol will be released on December 2, 2022. Will you play it? Let us know by leaving a comment below! If you haven’t bought it yet but you are curious to get your hands on the Striking Distance game, take advantage of the Amazon box below.

Source: yahoo