The First Descendant – Open Beta & Release Period

Nexon has some new impressions during the Summer Game Fest The First Descendant published and announced an open beta test. The action RPG is scheduled for release in the fourth quarter of this year.

The First Descendant combines the action RPG genre with shooter elements and first class graphics. As a Descendant endowed with mysterious powers, you fight to protect humanity from alien invaders.

The gameplay relies on strategic boss fights with 4-player tactics, grappling hooks, unique character abilities, immersive gunfights and tons of shooting. Completing missions and defeating huge bosses can unlock powerful new characters, gear, and upgrades.

Players must also protect the continent of Ingris, where they will experience a spectacular story while becoming stronger through various missions and stories to finally unravel the mystery of the descendants. The game offers a unique atmosphere and a mix of reality and sci-fi fantasy.

Who advance a look at The First Descendant throw can do so using the open beta in August. Registration for this is with this link possible.

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