the film is a success! Over 400 million collections, equaled the award-winning Dune!

Apparently for Sony Pictures the Uncharted movie turned out to be an incredible success. The film, we recall, stars Tom Holland in the role of Nathan Drake, together with Mark Wahlberg in the panny of Victor “Sully“Sullivan. For Holland, this 2022 is turning out to be very positive. The actor, in fact, also plays Spider-Man in the film No Way Home, also an unprecedented success.

Back to Uncharted, the film adaptation of the saga has therefore convinced the public with flying colors. The film, in fact, had not convinced the critics. Clarisse Loughrey of the British Independent writes “Abandon all hope. There is no future for film adaptations of video games though Hollywood can’t even hit an Uncharted movie. The film, however, has now grossed over $ 400 million worldwide. This achievement led the feature film to be the fourth grossing video game adaptation, moving up one place and surpassing the Angry Birds film..

Sony Pictures CEO Tom Rothman said: “It’s a successful new franchise for the company“. The result is even more amazing if we think that the proceeds are equal to those of Denis Villeneuve’s Dune. Could we therefore expect new films focused on the Uncharted saga? We just have to wait. For his part, Tom Holland said that, after this film, he wouldn’t mind working on a feature film focusing on Jak and Daxter.


The cinematic adaptation of Naughty Dog’s created saga has also surpassed the box office of Fantastic Beasts 3. The film had combined earnings of $ 376 million. This figure represents the lowest ever in the whole series. The future of the saga, in fact, is uncertain. If you want to learn more, we refer you to our article.

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Source: Forbes Benji-Sales